Do Project Managers Make Good Bookkeepers?

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The best bookkeepers are project managers – and here’s why…

Finding a good bookkeeping is like finding a good hairdresser – you’ll never want to let them go!

All bookkeepers will take care of your businesses day-to-day finances, but it’s not simply about managing your books and cashflow, a brilliant bookkeeper should also possess many of the same qualities as a skilled project manager.

Want to know if you have a bookkeeper who is worth their weight in gold?
Read on to discover some of the key proficiencies that you should look for when searching for someone to manage and maintain your business finances:

Super organisational skills

Bookkeeping is all about completing tasks in a timely fashion. Bookkeepers who also have project management experience have exceptional organisational skills and understand the importance of working towards finance deadlines to ensure you do not incur any penalties.

Your bookkeeper should also be able to prioritise the most pressing tasks, and the ones which will benefit your business most in financial terms. They are adept plate spinners who will identify tasks and work towards goals, whilst also performing the more routine, yet necessary, tasks for the smooth running of your accounts.

Understanding processes

In the same way that a project manager must understand all the processes to move a project forward, a good bookkeeper must also be aware of the procedures for good financial management and possess the skills required to tweak time-consuming processes. Agility is also key to recommend the evolution and streamlining of processes to benefit their clients.

Top-notch communication skills

Bookkeepers are expected to discuss business finances with stakeholders at all levels of the business. Company directors will need to understand financial reports, the balance sheet and be kept up to date with any cash flow issues within the organisation.

Project managers who have moved into a bookkeeping role are proficient communications, who are skilled at delivering information at boardroom level and also in a customer-facing role if they are required to talk to debtors on their client’s behalf.

The ability to move with the times

Gone are the days when your bookkeeper could rely on a calculator and a sharp pencil. Modern technology can save your bookkeeper time and improve efficiencies. Make sure you employ the services of a bookkeeper who can move with the times and is comfortable with technology.
Automating repetitive processes will free up your bookkeeper to dig deeper into making your finances work for you.

Seeing the big picture

If you choose a bookkeeper who also has project management skills, they’ll be adept at seeing the big picture. Not only will they have an eye for detail, but they will monitor your finances as a whole and make profitable recommendations that will drive your business forward.

Get a bookkeeper with project management experience

Project managers have to be multi-skilled and ready to tackle issues with an analytical mind to produce the best outcomes. These skills are also highly desirable in a bookkeeping role and will help to ensure the successful management of your financial accounts.

Our professional team of bookkeepers all have significant experience in project management, which means you’ll get the best of both worlds when it comes to your important business finances.

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